Kabalikat Civic Communicators, Philippines Inc.or simply known as KABALIKAT is presently the largest active radio communications network which utilizes all means of communication system from among the members. 


Kabalikat is engaged in public assistance particularly during disasters and natural calamities or whenever there is need to ensure public comfort and convenience. It is a non-stock, nonprofit organization* whose noblest motive is the public welfare.



                                    CODE OF ETHICAL STANDARDS



       (1) The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. The aim and purpose of civic communication is service to mankind, irrespective of race, sex, creed or political affiliation.

       (2) A Kabalikat has the obligation to raise the status of  civic communicators to a position of responsibility and importance, as well as to enable radio enthusiasts to actively participate in public assistance and other related services, especially during calamities and emergencies.

       (3) A Kabalikat shall continually seek improvement and develop himself towards upgrading his radio, communication and technical skills / knowledge for effective delivery of services.

       (4) A Kabalikat shall work and cooperate as team, and shall safeguard his fellow kabalikat’s legitimate interest, reputation, and dignity.

       (5) A Kabalikat should look up to the Kabalikat Civic Communicators, Philippines Inc. as an organization totally dedicated to a lifetime of service thru the use of communication facility, live the ideals of the Kabalikat service credo, foster camaraderie, and help transform society.



       (1) A Kabalikat is compassionate. He conducts his services with eagerness, sensitivity, prudence, and responsiveness.

       (2) A Kabalikat upholds his personal integrity above self-interest and financial gain. He is a role model of a respectable and wholesome lifestyle.

       (3) A Kabalikat is gentlemanly and just. He treats every person equally regardless of status in life and never uses the air for amusement at the expense of others.

       (4) A Kabalikat is generous in spirit and in deed. He actively seeks opportunities to be of service, prepared to answer his call of duty during emergencies and calamities and volunteer his services, find opportunities to coordinate with other agencies for the furtherance of public service.

       (5) A Kabalikat is proactive, nationalistic, and progressive. He exercises courage to protect the public interest and help enforce rules and regulations and standards as promulgated by the Kabalikat Civic Communicators, Philippines Inc. and duly constituted authority without fear and favor.



A. To persons and communities.

       (1) a Kabalikat shall render appropriate service with compassion, understanding, and equal treatment.

       (2) A Kabalikat shall provide timely, relevant, and accurate information to risks of life and health in the community and shall elicit people’s participation in such situation, and in the continuing process of society’s transformation.

       (3) A Kabalikat shall make himself available anytime of the day in the community where his services are needed especially during emergencies, disasters, and calamities.


B. To Fellow Kabalikat

       (1) A Kabalikat shall maintain harmonious relationship with every fellow Kabalikat and desire not to compete with each other.

       (2) A Kabalikat shall at all times be willing to share his expertise with his fellow Kabalikat.

       (3) A Kabalikat shall at all times be ready to respond and assist a fellow Kabalikat or his extensions in whatever form of distress.


C. To the Government

       (1)  A Kabalikat shall fulfill his civic duties as a law abiding citizen and cooperates with those in authority.

       (2)  A Kabalikat shall assist the government in its developmental projects.

       (3)  A Kabalikat shall coordinate with government agencies and other social welfare agencies in times of national calamities and emergencies.



  • National Telecommunications Commission
  • Office of the Civil Defense
  • DSWD - Region 7
  • Philippine National Police - Region 7
  • Philippine Red Cross - Cebu
  • Cebu City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Office
  • Traffic Management Group (PNP)
  • Federation of Visayas Radio Clubs





     Authorized by National Telecommunications Commission Region VII

VHF Radio Frequency 146.350 Mhz.

Radio Station License No. 7RPTR-369-10 & Station Call Sign 4GAR-80

Office Address: Guadalupe Multi-Purpose Cooperative

                        #170 M. Velez St. Cebu City 

Contact Nos.: (0922) 4641642 / (0916) 7413905 / (032) 4065370

FACEBOOK: Kabalikat Philippines R7CBU 

E-MAIL ADDRESS: kabalikat.ph.r7cbu@gmail.com 



Gawad Kalasag Award

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